About KIEPE Electric SpA 

KIEPE ELECTRIC SpA was established in 1959 in Milan is one of the oldest vendor operating in Italy in the Heavy and Process Industries, Security on the workplace and Transportation sector. Over the years we established key competences enabling us to excel in the distribution of niche products, often associated to a very high technological content and to a deep understanding of the application.

We represent in Italy internationally recognized brands such as Spohn & Burkhardt, Alfa Laval, Skylotec, Elektroline, Symeo, Lilaas, Ventur tekniska, Sitec, Mouvex, Graco, Wagner Magnete, Cupal. We also operate with our own brand KIEPE.

We are active in joysticks and control stations for Lifting Technologies and Automation, Port, conveyor belts for Mining Incinerators and Steelworks, where we also carry on turn key projects for Anticollision and Positioning of Cranes. We are a well established Alfa Laval certified partner in Food, Pharma and Cosmetics production and processes, where we size and select Heat Exchangers, Pumps, Valves and Automation, as well as Tank equipment and Mixing technologies. We sell electrification and overhead lines for light rail vehicles and trolleybuses and vertical arrest system for telecommunication posts and we are expert for PPE and EHS in general.

We often act as consultants, helping our customers from the initial definition of the projects all the way to the application specification defining the selection of the supplied technology.

Since 2008 KIEPE has been operating abroad in the same fields under the brand KINEXTEC. In 2021 KIEPE has opened a company KINEXTEC IBERICA SL with the office in Madrid, Spain that distributes Alfa Laval, Spohn & Burkhardt, Symeo, Sitec and other brands in Spain and Portugal.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to explore the possibility of improving the market penetration of your products in Italy, Spain and Portugal.