The Team

KIEPE clerks and staff act simultaneously as advisors, technicians and sales representatives, with a 360° view on the components and systems of the own product range as well as developing and/or searching on the market what lacks to integrate the offer.

KIEPE Human Capital

Motivated personnel with the highest proficiencies, able to advice, recommend and lead the customers towards solutions that meet at best the different needs and support them to face the most complex situations.

Is it an inquiry of catalogue products, or a custom project, tailored for specific needs and interventions, KIEPE Team always distinguish themselves for their outstanding proficiency. A KIEPE employee cooperates with every customer and partner, closely following the projects development, preventing troubles that could hinder from reaching the best results. A special mention deserve the aftersales service, for the optimization of the supplied systems; the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance; the consultancy for implementation of new operations.