Crane positioning and anti-collision system LPR-1D24

The positioning and collision avoidance system Symeo LPR ®-1D24  is a 24 GHz radio frequency system used for distance measurement and anti-collision of cranes, bridge cranes, hook trucks and other mobile vehicles.

Each collision avoidance system consists of a pair of units, both active radars, which allow position detection even over long distances. On request, data can be transmitted on the same radio channel.

The anti-collision and positioning system allows the dynamic and adaptive management of the slowdown and stop zones, based on the speed of the machine, and the creation of virtual no-access zones and no-fly zones.

The system antennas are particularly robust and insensitive to the harsh environmental conditions and disturbances present in harsh industrial environments such as steelworks, waste disposal plants, ports, container terminals.  The redundant “diversity” multi-channel radio antenna, integrated inside the housing, allows you to minimize any interference.

The system is configured in a simple way, by means of a server incorporated in the units which allows the parameters to be stored via the Web Server.


  • High sensing distance
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor operation
  • Insensitive to vibrations, dirt, environmental conditions (sun, fog, rain)
  • Maintenance-free and wear-free LPR radio technology
  • Easy to install


  • Measurement technology: LPR® 24 GHz
  • Accuracy: up to +/- 2.5 cm
  • Range: up to 1,000 m


The positioning and anti-collision system is used for

  • Distance measurement
  • Telemetry
  • Automatic positioning of cranes
  • Position detection of semi-automatic cranes
  • Speed ​​detection
  • Control, automation, process monitoring
  • Traceability of goods
  • Collision protection for cranes on the same runway (crane with crane)
  • Multi-level crane collision protection
  • Protection of no-fly zones