Radar Positioning System LPR-1DHP-350

LPR®-1DHP-350 positioning system is 120 GHz innovative radar sensor, capable of detecting the objects position and speed in real time, suitable for distances up to 100 meters. The dimension of the radar is very compact 90x90x35 mm.

This radar sensor is based on LPR® patented technology and excels in delivering accurate measurements for upto 100 meters ranges.  It can be installed in any harch environment, indoors and outdoors.

The LPR®-1DHP-350 radar works where other systems have problems and can be used to replace ultrasonic sensors and laser systems that are known to be sensitive to vibrations, temperature variations and to environmental conditions, such as dirt, dust, rain, snow, fog, frost, etc.

By means of radar measurements in primary or secondary mode, the system can detect the position and speed of, for example, cranes and rail transport systems, in real time and make the data available via the device interfaces.

The sensors are simple to install and easy to put into operation with the help of a web interface. A directional antenna is integrated into the case.

The device is equipped with the latest mmWave technology, which allows it to obtain highly precise measurements.


The LPR-1DHP-350 radar positioning sensor is reliable, robust and easy to install. It has a ProfiNet interface, integrated Power over Ethernet (PoE) and dedicated Web UI.

  • Compact 90x90x35 mm
  • Indoor and ourdoor installation
  • Insensitive to vibrations, dirt, environmental conditions (sun, fog, rain)
  • LPR radio technology, maintenance- and wear-free
  • Easy to install
  • No maintenance needed.


  • Frequenza di misura: 122 – 123 GHz
  • Accuracy: up to +/- 9 mm
  • Intervention range: up to 100 m*
  • Protection: IP67
  • Operating temperature: -40°C +60°C
  • Power: Power over Ethernet IEEE802.3af Class 0
  • Interface: 100 MBit Fast Ethernet IEEE802.3 100BASE-TX, Ethernet (TCP/IP, Profinet).
  • Robust and compact case

*Depending on the environment and selected bandwidth.


The new LPR ®-1DHP-350 radar positioning system can be used for:

  • Replacement of ultrasonic and laser distance sensors;
  • Crane positioning;
  • Positioning of hoists and trolleys;
  • Forklifts;
  • Process control, automation and monitoring;
  • Obstacle detection.